Sometimes the hardest part about starting over is leaving the past. In all that life has to offer it is easy for individuals to get distracted and invest time and energy into activities that have no value to personal development. We tend to find ourselves trap in a world where we are fulfilled with temporary satisfactions based on the gratification of others through social media. This is a sincere problem that I held within myself and when my Instagram post didn’t get 100 likes I would take it down. My Instagram bliss evolved into a disaster. My pride, confidence and ego turned into shame. I ended up deleting my Instagram account and decide to start over…. this time I started over with everyone. I’m over trying to be accepted, I’m over negative energy, I’m over fake friends, I’m over what society believes is right. I’m over wasting time trying to please everyone. I decided to focus on what I believe will be my impact to society and sharing my experience with others who can relate. Everyday can be a starting point to make a new beginning.